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  • Every photo session is one of a kind, so each one is approached from a custom perspective. Because we take the time to get to know you, your photos will be uniquely your own. They are works of art that will preserve your memories for life.

    Using a blend of documentary and portrait styles, we ensure that all the important moments of the day are captured and spontaneity is memorable. This type of photographic storytelling vividly evokes emotion and allows you to relive the excitement of one of the most special days of your life.

Michael and Katrina both attended Cal State Fullerton where they joined the Greek System. Michael studied engineering and Katrina communications. Although they were only acquaintances, they had friends who dated around them. It wasn’t til after Katrina graduated and stayed local in Brea to live and work was when their connection happened. Michael had a couple more years of school left and they were both out one night with friends at Heroes in Fullerton. They were both talking to their friends about how much they liked each other and like the game of telephone Michael found out Katrina was interested and asked for her phone number. That night was truly the first night of their forever. Michael called Katrina and they went on a date to the Yardhouse, rented a movie at Blockbuster (that’s how old they are *cue the laughs*) and watched it back at Katrina’s loft. From there they continued dating and officially became boyfriend/girlfriend a few months later. That following summer Katrina moved to Las Vegas for the summer for her job coordinating an event suite at the World Series of Poker. She called Michael when she found out she was leaving for a few months, so nervous that it would ruin their relationship and it only made it stronger. Michael drove out almost every weekend to see her and their love stared to grow for one another. After a few vacations to Hawaii and Playa Del Carmen they were ready to move in together in Pasadena. This is where they knew that forever was in their future. Their love grew stronger living life together. One foggy morning in December Michael took Katrina on a hike and asked her to spend the rest of her life with him. She said yes! And they planned their magical wedding at Calamigos Ranch in Malibu. It was a fairy tale come true. From there they moved to Claremont and bought a home because they knew they wanted to start a family of their own. Fast forward a few years later they had a baby boy named Nico and life was more than they could have hoped for.

Known to be one of California’s significant monuments of civic architecture, we knew Pasadena City Hall was the perfect location for Ivy and Bob’s pre-wedding photoshoot. You may wonder how we had the entire Pasadena City Hall to ourselves. Some would say it was luck. We say it was perfect timing. As Ivy and Bob walked hand in hand down the aisle we took pictures of them expressing their happiness to one another. The Pasadena City Hall is a treasure with hidden gems everywhere. One of the dreamiest pictures we took began as the sun started to set the light trickled through the staircase creating a heavenly glow on Ivy. As the day ended we knew we couldn’t leave this place without visiting the Baroque-style fountain in the courtyard. Standing on the fountain as the water poured out behind them made this pre-wedding photoshoot lovely. We hope you love this pre-wedding session as much as we do.

Cristina and Kyle’s wedding was a total dream. Their wedding took place at Marbella Country Club in San Juan Capistrano, California. The day started with Cristina getting ready with her bridesmaids full of happiness and excitement. We went outside and popped a bottle of champagne celebrating with excitement making the morning extra fun. Girls just want to have, are we right? But of course, Kyle and his groomsmen had their fun as well. We did a few classic shots with cards thrown in the air and intimate family moments that were timeless. As noon arrived it was time for the first look. Cristina stood still as she heard Kyle’s footsteps get closer to her. Tapping her shoulder, she knew he arrived and turned around with a smile that made everyone smile and some of us cry. They shared their vows, might we say the most heartfelt we have ever heard, and took a few photos in the hallway with a creamy background that kept the romance alive. We made our way to the ceremony where we saw Cristina and Kyle say I do. Family and friends cheered with excitement as they walked down the aisle holding the hands of each other. Arriving at the country club we walked toward a quite grass area filled with green trees and a lake full of ducks swimming. They shared their love for each other as they danced under the sunlight. Scroll down to see how this wedding day ends.