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  • Every photo session is one of a kind, so each one is approached from a custom perspective. Because we take the time to get to know you, your photos will be uniquely your own. They are works of art that will preserve your memories for life.

    Using a blend of documentary and portrait styles, we ensure that all the important moments of the day are captured and spontaneity is memorable. This type of photographic storytelling vividly evokes emotion and allows you to relive the excitement of one of the most special days of your life.

Who else is in love with our pre-wedding day sessions? If you haven’t been on our blog lately you are sure to fall in love with this one! Helen and Jason are just two people that express their love through every smile. He makes her nose crinkle and she makes him feel butterflies in his stomach. We met at the Mission Inn Hotel in Riverside, CA where the architecture is astonishing to look at. Having the Mission Inn Hotel as your background in your wedding photos is definitely a win-win.

At the Mission Inn Hotel, there is a staircase known as the “little piece of Europe.” As Helen and Jason stood still on the sprial staircase, we took pictures from above to capture their moment. As the sun started to set we went to the top floor where the view of the sky was indescribable. With the purple sky in the background, it was like dancing in the moonlight. Scroll down and enjoy this pre-wedding session with us.

Montage at Laguna Beach embodied Chris & Lissa so perfectly. Capturing these two saying “I DO” only inspired us of how much we love what we do. These two were silly, fun, amazing, and SO REAL! Their love is so genuine and kind that we couldn’t stop taking pictures. You’ll find these two in their own little world laughing and smiling staring at each other while the world surrounds them.

Their wedding day was amazing. With such a beautiful view of the ocean we knew we were dreaming. The ceremony was full of flowers. Everywhere you went there were flowers! They even had a giant flower wreath where they would kiss for the first time as husband and wife. As they walked down the aisle the guests would blow bubbles and all you would see is the bubbles splashing on their faces. It made them smile which made the moment perfect.

We snatched them for a few moments to take some photos during golden hour. There was a spot near a cliff where we asked Chris & Lissa to stay while we went to set up on the other side. Little did we know, they were having a special moment full of cute smiles and kisses. As they started to slow dance we laid low and captured this intimate moment between them.

Scroll down to see Chris & Lissa’s wedding day!

Hawaii was filled with love and romance with these two. It was such an amazing moment to see Joe and Yaxi say I DO in Kauai. The sun was setting on their wedding day beaming through the leaves. Flower petals surrounding our feet and everyone cheering with excitement made this wedding feel unreal and dreamy. These two were so happy and didn’t want to let go after they walked down the isle which made them the cutest couple ever to exist. We captured more special moments through out the day, but we thought who wouldn’t want to drive around this beautiful island and take photos all day long, right? So the next day we went around Kauai to take more photos at a few spots that we scouted earlier that week. We went to Hanalei Beach where there was a giant log on the shoreline. Yaxi was so brave to get on the log and pose for the photo. The waves were strong that day, but she held on tight and kept her smile. We went hiking down a trail to get to this hidden spot where the waves would crash against the rocks and the water was clear. It was amazing to be surrounded by nature and hear the sound of the ocean. We arrived to this specific spot by a cliff where the waves rose really high. Joe and Yaxi stood near the edge of the rocks and we waited for the perfect wave to come to create a stunning photo. We headed straight to Waimea Canyon where the scenery was unbelievably gorgeous. There was a rainbow right above the canyon and we knew we had to take some photos of Yaxi and Joe. Every place we went to in Kauai turned out to be unique in its own way. Scroll down to see our complete journey in Kauai.

You can never go wrong with having your wedding day at the Pelican Hill Resort! Elva and Henry just did that. From flower petals in the air to intimate moments at the Rotunda. This wedding was the definition of a fairytale wedding. At the bride’s room, it was non-stop laughter. Elva and her bride squad were the BEST. They thought of the most creative poses for the pictures and every single one of them was fun to capture. Meanwhile, at the groom’s room, they were all about the style. Elegant and fashion all around with some funny moments of course. When it was time for the ceremony all we can say is…nothing. We were SPEECHLESS. Flowers, flowers, and flowers everywhere! Flower petals on the grass as they walked down the aisle towards the Rotunda. Henry, with a tear in his eye and Elva with a smile that can’t deny her happiness it was the cutest moment we could ever capture. As they said I DO and walked down the aisle, flower petals were tossed in the air as Henry went in for the kiss. Then somehow the universe came together to make the sunset beam like if it were golden hour while the doves flew above them making this moment heavenly. We hope you enjoy this wedding as much as we did.


Dreamy sunset with wedding vibes all over! Angela and Charlie’s wedding day was full of love! There wedding took place at the beautiful Ritz Carlton Hotel in Laguna Niguel. This luxury hotel definitely stood by its name. Everywhere we went you would feel like you are treated like royalty. It was a perfect place for these two because it was their wedding day. We took photos of the bride and groom getting ready and let us tell you the photos turned out to be AMAZING. It was all in the details for this one. Later, we went down to a quiet area for the first look. The excitement was all over our faces to see these two look at each other for the first time as a married couple. As Angela approached Charlie and tap him on the shoulder Charlie turned around with a smile he couldn’t hide. It was like watching a short film but in real life.

As the sunset started to set and we headed to the shore. All you could see was the orange and purple colors on the sky blending together creating a gorgeous sunset. Angela looked so wonderful in her dress as she stood next to Charlie. As we took the last photos on the shore everything started falling into place making the moment perfect. We love how these two are so in love! Scroll down to see more of this lovely wedding day.