Wedding Day at Calamigos Ranch I Katrina & Michael

Michael and Katrina both attended Cal State Fullerton where they joined the Greek System. Michael studied engineering and Katrina communications. Although they were only acquaintances, they had friends who dated around them. It wasn’t til after Katrina graduated and stayed local in Brea to live and work was when their connection happened. Michael had a couple more years of school left and they were both out one night with friends at Heroes in Fullerton. They were both talking to their friends about how much they liked each other and like the game of telephone Michael found out Katrina was interested and asked for her phone number. That night was truly the first night of their forever. Michael called Katrina and they went on a date to the Yardhouse, rented a movie at Blockbuster (that’s how old they are *cue the laughs*) and watched it back at Katrina’s loft. From there they continued dating and officially became boyfriend/girlfriend a few months later. That following summer Katrina moved to Las Vegas for the summer for her job coordinating an event suite at the World Series of Poker. She called Michael when she found out she was leaving for a few months, so nervous that it would ruin their relationship and it only made it stronger. Michael drove out almost every weekend to see her and their love stared to grow for one another. After a few vacations to Hawaii and Playa Del Carmen they were ready to move in together in Pasadena. This is where they knew that forever was in their future. Their love grew stronger living life together. One foggy morning in December Michael took Katrina on a hike and asked her to spend the rest of her life with him. She said yes! And they planned their magical wedding at Calamigos Ranch in Malibu. It was a fairy tale come true. From there they moved to Claremont and bought a home because they knew they wanted to start a family of their own. Fast forward a few years later they had a baby boy named Nico and life was more than they could have hoped for.

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