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Engagement Session At Salvation Mountain I Fiaapia & Sean

One photo session was not enough with these two! So we went out to Salvation Mountain the next day and the weather was just beautiful. These two were simply being themselves in front of the camera. Hugs and laughter, kisses and cute gestures, they made this photo shoot all about expressing their love for each other. Not only that, but they added a touch of flare with their sunglasses. With the sun still out and the weather feeling nice we decided to go to the beach and capture the sunset. These two switched outfits and went towards the shoreline where they chased each other and laughed. We decided to step away for a little and give them their space to get the sparks going and little did we know it worked! Sean took Fiaapa’s hand and started to runaway together against the shoreline. With the ocean sparkling and the sunset in the background Sean picked her up and we took the picture!

If you loved this photo shoot be sure to check out their first one at the sand dunes.

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