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Lori & Gary Pre Wedding Photo At Los Angeles

Lori & Gary were such a great couple to work with. We explored Downtown Los Angeles together to take the perfect Pre Wedding photos for them. We wanted to make sure that their photos had a little bit of everything – some greenery, some city-life, and some nightlife. I wanted to capture all the beautiful parts of Los Angeles, and with a few outfit changes, we ended up with breathtaking photos in a large variety of settings – all in one day!

Having an all-day shoot allowed us to get pictures in different lightings, almost as if we had done several different photoshoots. Because of Lori & Gary’s playful personalities, we wanted to keep the photos whimsical and fun. My personal favorite shots are the ones of the Downtown LA Nightlife where Lori is in that eye-catching ¬†yellow dress!

Thank you, Lori & Gary, for being such fun people to shoot with!

Please enjoy these photos from our LA Pre Wedding Photoshoot:


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