Wedding at Princeville Resort Kauai | Yaxi & Joe

Hawaii was filled with love and romance with these two. It was such an amazing moment to see Joe and Yaxi say I DO in Kauai. The sun was setting on their wedding day beaming through the leaves. Flower petals surrounding our feet and everyone cheering with excitement made this wedding feel unreal and dreamy. These two were so happy and didn’t want to let go after they walked down the isle which made them the cutest couple ever to exist. We captured more special moments through out the day, but we thought who wouldn’t want to drive around this beautiful island and take photos all day long, right? So the next day we went around Kauai to take more photos at a few spots that we scouted earlier that week. We went to Hanalei Beach where there was a giant log on the shoreline. Yaxi was so brave to get on the log and pose for the photo. The waves were strong that day, but she held on tight and kept her smile. We went hiking down a trail to get to this hidden spot where the waves would crash against the rocks and the water was clear. It was amazing to be surrounded by nature and hear the sound of the ocean. We arrived to this specific spot by a cliff where the waves rose really high. Joe and Yaxi stood near the edge of the rocks and we waited for the perfect wave to come to create a stunning photo. We headed straight to Waimea Canyon where the scenery was unbelievably gorgeous. There was a rainbow right above the canyon and we knew we had to take some photos of Yaxi and Joe. Every place we went to in Kauai turned out to be unique in its own way. Scroll down to see our complete journey in Kauai.

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