Pre Wedding Session at Malibu | Rockie & Allen

Rockie and Allen! The most adventurist couple we have ever met! There is sooooo much to say about them, but we’ll keep it short so you can get to the good part (aka the photos). We went to Malibu Beach where we were surrounded by the warm sun and perfect breeze these two have a love for each other that will never end. Rockie and Allen make the perfect match. Rockie is out there and energetic while Allen is calm and sweet. Even thought they might be different they have quite a lot in common. The places they like to go explore, the music they enjoy listening, the fact that they don’t share their ice cream, but most of all they love being next to each other. You’ll find these two holding hands at the beach as they watch the sunset anytime.

Go ahead and scroll down to see more of Rockie and Allen.

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